Thursday, June 23, 2022

New Sheets for a New School Year: Organic Character Sheets from Morning Bird

 *Disclaimer: I received a free sheet set in return for my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Sleeping girl

Even though it feels like we just got out of school, back-to-school supplies are popping up in stores everywhere. My girls have picked out the backpacks they want for next year, and my oldest has her eyes on a new pair of Air Forces Ones. We are talking about hair cuts and first day outfits all the while I'm trying to keep the cupboard stocked and the laundry done-ish because summer can be brutal for moms!

My youngest wants to freshen up her room a bit this summer because we don't already have enough going on, so, when I got asked to try out a sheet set from Morning Bird it seemed like now was the time. My girls have always loved themed sheets and goodies that feature characters from their favorite shows and play sets. And has an amazing collection.

We picked out LOL Doll-themed sheets because my girls go gaga over LOL Dolls, constantly getting excited about exactly which doll their newest purchase might uncover. We have quite the collection of LOL Surprise Dolls in all sizes and with more accessories than I, myself, own. So we picked out a fun set of LOL Surprise sheets for my youngest's room. Other sets available from Morning Bird include Trolls, Paw Patrol, Jurassic Park, Frozen and more. With Morning Bird, you are sure to find something for everyone! 

LOL Surprise
LOL Doll sheets from Morning Bird

If you are thinking it might be time for a room refresh, for the new school year, to pick a new theme, or just because, consider starting with sheets from Morning Bird. They are cozy, cute and oh-so-fun for kids. 

Reasons to buy your kids' sheets from Morning Bird

At Morning Bird, all of your sheet sets are 100% organic! Certainly there are cheaper sheets on the market- but cheaper organic sheets? You'd be hard-pressed to find those. Why do organic sheets matter? Well, let me tell you...

Organic sheets are better for your kiddos- and the environment

1. Organic sheets are breathable! It's hot in Texas, especially in the summertime. Organic cotton sheets will keep your kids cooler so they can sleep comfortably, even when the temps soar above 100 degrees.

2. Sheets that have been certified organic are gentler on your child's skin and overall safer for little ones. Organic sheets are made using fewer synthetic ingredients that could potentially irritate their skin or bother them long-term. 

3. Organic cotton is better for the environment. It is grow using less pesticides, which means less chemicals seep into Mother Earth.

Sheets from Morning Bird are just simply adorable!

What kiddo doesn't want to cozy up in sheets featuring their favorite characters? Morning Bird has multiple character sets for you to choose from, so you can find something for every kiddo.

- Trolls
- Frozen 2
- Paw Patrol
- Jurassic Park
- Hot Wheels
- Batman
- My Little Pony
- Ryan's World
- LOL Surprise

Morning Bird has character pillows, duvet covers, soft throws, sheet sets and more featuring your child's favorite characters. So you can find an entire matching set from the comfort of your couch. Your child will thank you!

LOL Surprise
A girl and her (LOL) dolls. 

These sheets are cozy and comfy.

My youngest has been sleeping in her sheets for more than a week now and gives them rave reviews. It can get hot in her second-floor bedroom, and she's a hot-natured little kiddo, but her LOL Surprise sheets from Morning Bird are keeping her cool and comfortable despite the summer heat. The sheet are super easy to wash in the washing machine, and we love spraying them with a lavender spray for sweet dreams every night at bedtime. Now she's trying to convince me to repaint her walls to better match her duvet cover...

LOL Surprise

If you are on the market for new sheets this summer, this next school year, or at any point for your little ones, shop at The organic, themed sheets are a fun treat for your kiddos. Which character set is your child eyeing?

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Summer Reading Programs 2022: Kids' Reading Programs near Arlington, Texas

Summer break is (practically) here!

Time for summer vacations, lazy days by the pool, day and overnight camps and just general relaxing and thinking about anything except school.

Buuuuut (my kids are going "Mom, don't even talk about learning" as I type this), if you are like me, you want your kids to do something, anything, that resembles learning over the summer.

Reading is the perfect compromise. It's educational and fun and something kids of all ages can do, most of them without parental guidance. Books can be borrowed for free from local libraries or found in Little Free Libraries all over Texas. Kids can find a genre or an author that they love and just dive in.

This kid loves the Whatever After series!

Reading is good for kids (and adults!) for a number of reasons. It can improve your memory and focus, expand your vocabulary and improve brain function. There is no shortage of reasons why kids should read over the summer. 

If your kids need a little extra push to get reading this summer, they aren't alone. Locally, a number of local businesses recognize that kids sometimes need a small incentive to open a book and get reading. Here are some great programs that will reward your kids to do something rewarding in and of itself: reading!

Summer reading incentive programs for kids 2022

Pizza Hut Book It- Yep- Book It! is back. Actually, I'm not entirely sure it ever left. But if you spent your childhood reading to earn a free personal pan pizza, well, now you can pass the tradition on to your children! Kids 4-12 years old can read to earn a free pizza. Sweet!

Arlington Public Library Discover Reading- Formerly called the Summer Reading Challenge, this program offers so much for kids. Not only will the library host free concerts and play dates all summer long for kids and teens, but kids can read five books and earn a number of goodies. There is even an adult reading club! Sign up on the website for more details. 

Free Play Arlington Read It- Guys- I'm SUPER pumped about this one. If you can believe it, I have never been to Free Play! Kids can read 5 books and fill out the online form for free admission and a free swag item! I read 5 books in April... Can I get in for free? All those vintage games look awesome! 

HEBuddy Summer 2022 Reading Program- Designed for kids in Texas between the ages of 3 and 12, the HEBuddy program runs through October 1. Print out the reading log, complete your summer reading and mail in the journal for a special prize. 

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading List- Kids entering grades 1-6 can fill out this summer's reading log and turn it in for a free book from a pre-selected list. This program runs through August. 

Chuck E Cheese Summer Reading Rewards- Print the summer reading calendar and mark the days you complete the task. When you've filled the calendar, bring it to Chuck E Cheese for 10 free play points. 

Half Price Books Summer Reading Camp- Starting June 1, HPB will offer four different reading camps for kids. From camp creativity (focusing on arts and crafts) to camp imagination (focusing on music and arts), this program has lots of great programming that will appeal to everyone. 

I can't wait to get my kids reading all summer! And, if you want to keep up with me and all my reading, the next books on my bookshelf are The Paris Bookseller and Last Train to London!

child reading
Reading from her favorite series. 

Happy summer reading! 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Summer 2022 Kids Movie Programming- See Movies on the Cheap!

As much as I love summer, there are days when I just can't with the Texas heat. 

I want to retreat inside where the air conditioning is so cold I want to grab a sweatshirt!

For this reason, I love taking my kids to the movies.

For the past decade (decade! I literally can't believe I just typed that), I've been taking my girls to free and cheap summer movies as a way to entertain them on the cheap. Because, let's be honest. Entertaining kids during the summer can get crazy-expensive. 

Sing 2
Sing 2 is being shown quite a bit this summer at various summer movie clubs for kids. I still haven't seen it but my kids say it's wonderful!

Luckily, we live in an area with a lot of movie theaters that are awesome enough to offer fantastic summer programming that will get your kiddos out of the house and out of the hot Texas sun. Sure, the movies you'll see at a reduced rate aren't current blockbusters. But I never tire of Minions or Trolls or some of those movies my kids have watched on repeat for years anyway. 

So grab a few dollars and maybe text a friend- it's time to go to the movies!

Summer Movie Programming for Kids 2022- Arlington/Mansfield, Texas

June 15- August 3. $1.50 per movie. Movies are on Wednesdays. Plus enjoy $1 off kids snack packs or popcorn and drink combos. 

summer movies
Summer Movie Clubhouse promo flyer, taken from the Cinemark website. 

June 5- September 1. $3.25 per movie, multiple showtimes per week. Snack on drinks and popcorn for $3 each during these special movies. 

May 30- September 1. $2 per movie, 11 am showtime Monday- Thursday. I don't see any snack deals posted but their food is super yummy! We love the pretzel bites :)

May 30- August 11. $6 per movie, which includes popcorn and a drink. Movies shown Monday- Thursday at 10 am. 

As of this post, I cannot find any information about AMC Theatres doing any sort of summer programming. My emails for information have gone unanswered. 

Yay for inexpensive summer movies! 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Stocking My Summer Go-Bag: Must-Have Summer Necessities

Ready for summer? Be up for anything any time when you keep a summer go-bag stocked and ready!

I am counting down the days until summer 2022 is officially underway. My girls are ready for lazy days by the pool, summer road trips and just simply waking up at their leisure and having breakfast on the couch when they feel like it.

I'm ready for those days, too.

So I'm using these final days of school to stock my summer go-bag- the bag I always keep in my trunk stocked with must-have items to be ready to adventure on all summer long. My summer go-bag is a fixture in my summer routine, and I replenish it regularly so we are always ready to grab summer- and life, really!- by the horns!

Summer go bag
We are always ready for summer fun! 

What's a summer go-bag? 

A summer go-bag is a large tote filled to the brim with all the necessities that keep you ready to go all summer long. We keep ours stocked so we are always ready to accept last-minute invitations to pool parties, water parks, overnights and so much more. We are always prepared in the summer to leave the house first thing and not come back until the street lights come on. My girls have absolutely inherited their mother's inability to stay in one place for very long!

What's in a summer go-bag?

I got the idea for my summer go-bag years ago from a mommy blog. Every time friends would call and say "want to go to the splash pad?" it would take me ages to round up everything we needed, from sunscreen to Goldfish and everything in between. So I followed the mommy blog's advice for a summer go-bag and have kept one stocked and ready every summer since my girls were babies. It's evolved a bit through the years (it isn't filled with diapers anymore, something I have mixed feelings about), but it's core necessities are largely the same.

(This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase EA may get a percent)

Here's what I keep in my summer go-bag:
- One bathing suit per girl that is dry and ready to be worn
- One wet bag per girl, to store wet bathing suits
- One change of clothes per girl: shorts, shirt, undergarments
- One pair of PJs per girl
- Baby wipes
- Snacks: GoGo Squeez, fruit snacks, Goldfish, crackers- anything shelf stable
- Empty water bottles, at least two
- Toiletries: on-the-go toothbrushes, a hairbrush, multiple hair ties, detangler spray, deodorant, face wipes, hand sanitizer
- Flip flops or sandals, one pair per girl

Yep, it's a lot of stuff. And their clothes take up a lot more space now than it did when they were young! But, hear me out:

Summer go bag
Working on this year’s summer go-bag! 

I fit everything in a large tote. For years, I carried a large utility tote from Thirty-one. This year's I've switched to a large rubber tote, similar to a Bogg Bag, from Simply Southern. It holds everything I need and then some! Before we hit the road, I always try to toss a few lunchables and cold bottles of water in the bag, but this sometimes just doesn't happen.

Why do I keep so much stuff in my bag? Easy. Then we can hit the road with zero effort! How often do you go to a morning play date and the kids fuss when they have to go home but you didn't bring a change of clothes? Or you head out the door to the pool so the kids wear bathing suits and you want to stop for lunch or ice cream but they have nothing dry to wear? Or they want to stay the night with a friend you met up with but you don't have anything for them to wear or sleep in?

Our go-bag lets my girls go from pool to friend's house or free outdoor concert to ice cream to pool. It ensures they always have something dry to put on and somewhere to store their wet bathing suits. We always have snacks and sunscreen and bug spray so we can be outside for hours. It's brilliant!

What do you keep at the ready for summer?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Have Kids, Will Travel: Five Ideas for a Summer Road Trip from DFW!

Five more weeks of school and summer will be here!

Are you ready?

If you're like me, i.e., someone who loves travel and live life on the go, you're probably already lining up your summer travel plans. Maybe you're considering a trip down to Galveston to soak up some south Texas sunshine, or you're thinking about a weekend in San Antonio to see the Alamo and let the kids play at SeaWorld. These tried and true trips are quick drives from DFW and affordable for Texas families.

But, if you're like me, you may be wanting something a little different this summer. Maybe you want a new state, a new destination. Something driveable- because hello!- flights are expensive, especially if you have a bigger family. Driving just makes sense a lot of time for a lot of reasons. 

Maybe you want the beach or lake for a little laidback summer fun. Or maybe you prefer the bright lights of a big city. These five destinations- all driveable and none in Texas!- offer tons of activities and family-friendly fun for groups large and small. 

If you're looking for an off-the-beaten path getaway with the family this summer, consider one of these five fun destinations you can easily roadtrip to from Arlington. 

Five fun summer road trip ideas from Arlington, Texas

Roadtrip time!
Time to plan summer travel! Check out these fun road trip ideas from DFW.

Branson, Missouri

Guys, I don't mean to brag, but I consider myself an expert on Branson. And not because I've actually ever even been to the city (how I escaped spending my four years of college in the Show Me State but never actually made it to Branson is beyond me!). But, for more than a year now, I've written a weekly blog post about Branson for ABC Campground in Branson, and I'm blown away every week by how much there is to do there.

Why vacay in Branson:

Drive time: 7 hours from Arlington

Where to stay: Take your pick. You can camp, stay at a hotel or resort (how cool does Grand Country Resort look?) or even find a fun AirBnB.

What to do: See a show- there are magic shows and comedy shows and variety shows- and they all sound wonderful. Go to the Titanic Museum. Take in some thrill rides at Silver Dollar City. Ride the Branson Ferris Wheel, relocated in recent years from Chicago's Navy Pier. Boat on Lake Taneycomo. The possibilities are endless! 

If you need any recommendations, just ask! And one of these days I'll actually head that way myself... I love me some Missouri!

Lake Hamilton/Hot Springs, Arkansas

Lake Hamilton is a gorgeous spot in Arkansas for a lake getaway. Less than 5 hours by car from Arlington, Lake Hamilton is located in the Hot Springs area and offers a cozy retreat from the tourist-y city while still being close enough to enjoy its amenities.

Why vacay in Lake Hamilton:

Drive time: 4.5 hours from Arlington

Where to stay: If you want to stay on the water, look for a house or condo for rent on the lake. Otherwise, staying in Hot Springs will give you easy access to both the city and the lake. Emerald Isle Resort looks like it have a lot to offer at a great price! 

What to do: At the lake, go boating, swimming, fishing, canoeing or simply relax and enjoy lake life. Nearby in Hot Springs, you can go to the Mid-America Science Museum (we highly recommend this spot!) or try out the Magic Springs Theme and Water Park. Don't forget to check out the national park and Bathhouse Row to learn a little about Hot Springs!

A trip to the lake is always fun in summertime. 

Gulfport, Mississippi

I can't stress enough how much we enjoyed our visit to Gulfport last year. The shores of Mississippi certainly don't offer the same beaches as Alabama or Florida, but "the Secret Coast" has its own personality and offerings to make it worth your trip. Not only is it less expensive to vacation on Mississippi's coast, it's closer, too!

Why vacay in Gulfport, MS:

Drive time: 8.5 hours from Arlington

Where to stay: We stayed in Gulfport, right on the water. However, the Mississippi Coast is made up of 12 communities that offer condos, AirBnBs, motels and more. There is a Margaritaville on the water that looks fabulous as well as a myriad of hotels to choose from. 

What to do: Go shrimping! We can't recommend a Biloxi shrimping tour enough. Not only is it educational and fun, you'll get to see dolphins and all sorts of marine life on the water. Play at the beach. Go to the nearby waterpark. Check out the Mississippi Aquarium. Let the kids play at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. Shop in Ocean Springs. Go gambling in Biloxi. Trust me- there is a TON to do in coastal Mississippi!

Fun in coastal Mississippi!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It's hard not to hear the lyrics to Garth Brooks' "Callin' Baton Rouge" as I write about this Louisiana town! Baton Rouge is an interesting town with a storied history. The capital of the state and home to Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge is a southern city with deep roots and lots to do for families. 

Why vacay in Baton Rouge

Drive time: 6.5 hours from Arlington

Where to stay: There are a number of hotels right along the Mississippi River that are fun and accommodating for families. If you want to splurge, the Watermark Baton Rouge comes highly recommended. There are also several hotels attached to casinos if you are looking for tons of amenities under one roof.

What to do: Learn about animals at the Baton Rouge Zoo or about sea life at the Blue Zoo. Splash around at the nearby waterpark. Check out Knock Knock Children's Museum or the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. Take a swamp tour and learn all about the Bayou and the animals, reptiles and fish that call it home. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico is a state filled with stunning geography and a rich history. Santa Fe is nestled at the very southern edge of the Rocky Mountains and is a city that offers a lot of family-friendly fun year round. Did you know? Santa Fe is the highest capital city and third highest city in America!

Why vacay in Santa Fe

Drive time: 9 hours from Arlington 

Where to stay: There is no shortage of gorgeous hotels in Santa Fe. So many I looked at were well, well out of my price comfort zone. The Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder came up time and time again but even that was at my absolute max budget. So, this may be a town I find an AirBnB in, and, a quick search shows there is no shortage of those, either! 

What to do: Meow Wolf looks incredible, and the Santa Fe Children's Museum would be a blast for kids. Railyard Park offers lots to do, and you could always stroll and shop downtown. Learn about Native American culture during your trip. Go gambling during your trip or go for a hike in the mountains. 

Where will you travel this summer?

Friday, April 1, 2022

Everything Arlington's Easter Event Guide 2022

Spring is in the air guys!

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and winter is well and truly behind us. It's time to get excited about Easter, which falls on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

Arlington has no shortage of amazing Easter events for this season. From helicopter egg drops to bunny photos, you can find a ton of activities for the kids, most of which are FREE, in the Arlington, Mansfield and Kennedale area.

So, without further ado, here is your Easter Event Guide for 2022!

(programming note: this post gets seen by thousands each year... Ever want your company's logo as part of the title? Message me to be the sponsor!)

Easter Bunny
The year that Easter Bunny photos went well...

Easter Event Guide 2022

For Arlington, Kennedale & Mansfield, Texas

Weekend of April 1

Easter Eggstavaganza- 4/2- St. John Lutheran Church, Mansfield. 10 am- 1 pm. FREE.

Egg hunt, petting zoo, food trucks and more. 

Easter Bunny Photos- 4/3- Pappy Elkins Park, Dalworthington Gardens. 3 pm- 5 pm. FREE/

Photos with the Easter Bunny at the gazebo plus a goody bag for each child. 

Weekend of April 8

Community Egg Hunt- 4/9- Life Fellowship Church, Kennedale. 10 am. FREE.

Bounce houses, rock wall, cake walk, prizes and more. 

Bunny Brunch4/9- Mansfield Activities Center. 10:45 am. $11 for kids.

Breakfast, crafts and the Easter Bunny. Must purchase tickets in advance. 

Easter Extravaganza Egg Hunt- 4/9- Crestview Missionary Baptist Church, Arlington. 2 pm. FREE.

Face painting, games, an Easter Egg hunt and more. 

Rise and Shine Family Fun- 4/10- First Methodist Church, Mansfield. 9 am- 11 am. FREE.

Food, games and a special stations, plus a chance to win a family pass to the Fort Worth Zoo. 

Easter Egg Hunt- 4/10- Community of Hope Church, Mansfield. 11 am. FREE.

Free Easter Egg hunt following Sunday services. 

Easter bunny
Waiting her turn to see the Easter Bunny. Spoiler alert: she hated the entire experience. 

Weekend of April 15

Free Community Easter Egg Hunt- 4/16- FamilyTime Mansfield. 9 am- 12 pm. FREE.

Easter egg hunt plus indoor play at FamilyTime. There will be a food truck on-site. 

Easter Carnival- 4/16- Grace Community Church, Arlington. 10 am. FREE.

Inflatables, carnival games, food and more. 

Community Egg Hunt Extravaganza- 4/16- Trinity United Methodist Church, Arlington. 10 am. FREE.

Bounce houses, crafts and lots of eggs.

Easter Extravaganza- 4/16- All Saint Lutheran Church, Arlington. 10 am. FREE. 

Kids can "hop" from car to car and fill their Easter baskets with eggs. 

Free Community Easter Egg Hunt- 4/16- City Chapel Arlington. 10 am. FREE.

Candy, crafts, pictures and more. Egg hunt is open to kids 0-12.

Helicopter Drop Easter Egg Hunt- 4/16- Pleasantview Baptist Church, Arlington. 11 am. FREE.

Games, activities and more plus a massive drop of eggs from a helicopter!

Easter Eggstravaganza- 4/16- Revive Church, Arlington. 11 am. FREE.

Bounce houses, photos, Easter Egg Hunt and more. Some food for purchase. 

Egg-stra Special Easter at Shine- 4/16- Shine Behavioral Academy, Arlington. 11 am. $10. 

Goody bags, pictures, music and more. Proceeds benefit the school. 

Easter Egg Hunt & Family Picnic- 4/16- First United Methodist Church, Arlington. 11 am. FREE.

Easter egg hunt and family fun. 

North Arlington Easter Egg Hunt- 4/16- Lamar Baptist Church, Arlington. 11 am. FREE.

Egg hunts, food trucks, snow cones and more. 

Easter Block Party- 4/16- Cricket Wireless on Pioneer Parkway, Arlington. 12 pm- 4 pm. FREE.

Giveaways, music and more. 

Pantego Annual Easter Event- 4/16- Bicentennial Park, Pantego. 2 pm. FREE.

Easter egg hunt, sack races, egg relay, bunny photos and more. 

Spring Festival- 4/16- First Presbyterian Church, Arlington. 3 pm. FREE.

Bubbles, Easter eggs, sidewalk chalk and more. 

Easter Weekend Egg Hunt- 4/17- Hill City Church, Mansfield. 12 pm. FREE.

Bounce houses, food trucks, activity zone and more. 

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunts are so fun for kids. We are fortunate that Arlington has so many free events!

Thursday, March 3, 2022

DFW Spring Break 2022: Your Spring Break Bucket List

We are less than two weeks away from Spring Break 2022! Yippee!

Where are you headed?

We are headed back to my roots to spend sometime in the Midwest, although I know my kids would rather be hitting a sunny Florida Beach. We are almost halfway done with our 50-state challenge (we are trying to visit all 50 states before my oldest heads off to college!), and this Spring Break, we intend to check two (maybe three, if I'm ambitious enough!) off of our list.

But if travel isn't on your agenda this Spring Break, don't worry! We live in such an awesome area that has so many incredible offerings for kids of all ages, you can keep the kids busy all Spring Break. Whether you have a video game enthusiast, an adventure-seeker, a homebody, an artist or a sports-lover at home, the EA Spring Break list has something that will blow you away.

So get planning, get excited and get ready for Spring Break 2022! (and read to the very end for a challenge with big prizes!)

Spring Break 2022
The EA Crew is ready for Spring Break 2022!

Spring Break 2022: Let's Do Dallas/Fort Worth!

For the thrill-seeker:

GoApe Plano: Zip lines, a ropes course, Tarzan swings and more! Ages 10 and older. 

Six Flags Over Texas: Heart-stopping fun right here in Arlington. Rollercoasters and more.

PrairieLand: Let your kids get their kicks for a low price close to home! Wristbands are $13.99 and include the Vortex, Flea Fall, Wipeout and lots of other crazy rides. 

iFly: Indoor skydiving. Need I say more? 

For the animal lover:

Children's Aquarium at Fair Park: Two words: Doctor. Fish. Seriously, if your kids are like mine, they will love sticking their hands in the tank while the "doctor fish" peck at them! Feed the stingrays, see sharks and so much more. 

SeaLife: This Grapevine Mills spot is home to Texas' only 360-degree ocean tunnel. See sharks, sting rays and more up close! 

SeaQuest: Hang out with sloths, birds, sea creatures and more at this awesome aquarium located inside Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth. 

Dinosaur Safari at the Dallas Zoo: Hop on a shuttle-guided Dino Safari with your "research assistant" at this fun, prehistoric party. Then stay and play at the zoo's children's area. Oh what fun! 

Dallas World Aquarium: You'll feel as if you've stepped into the rainforest when you set foot in the Dallas World Aquarium. Make your way through a number of exciting exhibits, including Mundo Maya, Ornico, Borneo and more. 

Fossil Rim Drive-Thru Safari: Located in Glen Rose, Texas, about an hour from Arlington, Fossil Rim is a fun experience for guests of all ages. Drive through the wide-spaces where animals roam- and feed the animals from your car! Stop halfway through for snacks and to visit the kid's area. 

For the video-game lover:

National Video Game Museum: Get ready for the ultimate throwback with a visit to this Frisco museum. Show your kids the computers and video game systems you grew up with and then have fun in the retro arcade at the end. 

Main Event: Get your game on! Spend the day playing video games, bowling, eating good food, doing the ropes course and more. 

Alley Cats: Play mini golf, go bowling, play video games and laser tag and more. This local spot is lots of fun. Or head up to the Hurst location because it has outdoor rides, too!

Dreamscape Immersive Dallas: Embark on a virtual adventure at Northpark Mall. Ages 10 and over. 

For the indoor playground lover:

PlayStudio Fort Worth: This Montessori-based play space in Fort Worth offers tons of fun for the younger set. Kids ages 8 and younger will enjoy playing both inside and outside, exploring, creating and more. 

Peppa Pig World: Immerse yourself in the world of this adorable British cartoon pig and her fun family. Lots of creative play is available at this Grapevine Mills space, which is great for kids ages 7 and younger. 

Legoland: Your little engineer will love this indoor play area that has Legos galore. There are rides and building areas and an indoor play space. In warmer weather, there is also an outdoor splash pad! Fun for kids of all ages. 

KidZania: Let your kids imagine what the world would be like if they ran it! Kids can create a news show, learning about dentistry, try their hand at fire-fighting and lots more. Kids ages 8 and older can be dropped off and play while you shop at Stonebriar Centre. This spot is fun for kids ages 4 and up. 

KidMania: If your kids have energy for days (mine do!), this is the spot for all of you! You can sit on the second level in the parents room and work, read or simply scroll on your phone while your kids climb and play for hours. 

For the museum lover:

Perot Museum: This Dallas Museum has a fun kid's area on the lower level that will enable your kids to learn and explore. Spring Break Week offers lots of unique programs that deal with STEM activities so your kids can learn while they play. 

International Bowling Museum: Learn about the fascinating history of bowling at this Arlington museum. Your kids will love playing all the interactive games as well as bowling with mini balls and pins before exiting to the gift shop. 

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History: I don't even know if I could possibly count the number of hours I spent at this museum when my kids were little, watching them stuff their grocery carts in the mini grocery store. The children's museum is geared toward kids in second grade and younger but there are lots of other awesome exhibits older kids will find exciting, too. 

Ripley's Believe It Or Not: Get ready to get weird! Check out all the celebrities in the wax museum, try your hand at the mirror maze and learn cool and yes, weird, facts inside the Ripley's Museum. 

Reunion Tower: Spend Spring Break at the top of this observation tower! There is tons of fun programming for the week, including story time, local sports teams' mascots and more. All of that is included with your admission ticket!

For the water-lover:

Epic Waters: Rain or shine, you and the kids can have a splashing good time! Try out the crazy water slides, relax in the lazy river, try your hand at the Flow Rider and more. 

The Cove at the Lakefront: This indoor waterpark in Little Elm is fun for all ages. With fun slides, a rope challenge, lazy river and more, everyone will have fun here. Plus, there is a seating area with TVs for you- and you can bring your own food in. Score!

Other fun spots to consider... Crayola (Plano), Play Street Museum (multiple locations), Cheeky Monkeys (multiple locations), the Fort Worth Zoo, Kiddleton (Fort Worth), Medieval Times (Dallas), Pump It Up (multiple locations), Urban Air (multiple locations), Sky Zone (Irving) and Great Wolf Lodge (Grapevine). 

Happy (almost) Spring Break, friends! 

Spring Break Bingo

Here's a fun challenge for anyone who read this far... Save this Bingo card to your phone. Cross out activities you do. It doesn't matter how many activities you do- whether you do one or all- just cross them out as you go. During Spring Break Week, share this card and tag my EA page (on FB or IG) with the number of cross outs on your card. One lucky winner will receive two tickets to GoApe Plano for some high-flying fun!